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Sparkle for Halloween Costumes | Mumbai

What you see – There seems to be nothing out of the ordinary about Dr. Ambedkar Road, a little off Linking Road in Mumbai. As you walk up the steeply sloping road and turn the corner nothing seems odd till you look to your right and see a hideous creature in a black cloak staring fixedly at you. You might be taken by surprise if you’re not expecting it, but if you’ve been looking for Sparkle you’ll find yourself saying, ‘ah, there it is’.

What you get – Sparkle is a tiny little hole in the wall, and really for a horror and trick shop, it can’t get any creepier. The uneven false ceiling and the dim lighting gives you the sense of being in an underground tunnel. It’s even got bats, snakes and dismembered limbs hanging from odd places (all fake thankfully).

You’ll see all the meanest and wickedest of tricks in the first showcase on the left: there are candies that make your mouth turn black (or any other color for that matter), there are candies that make you fart or those that make your mouth stink (Rs. 100 each). These tricks are plain mean, but well, if you really really have to get the better of someone, go right ahead. There are slimy bats and lizards that go splat when thrown at a glass, and regain their shape as they slide down (Rs. 50 each). As you walk in deeper, you’ll start seeing the disguises: fake noses, fake nails, fake beards, moustaches, wigs, fake chins (all Rs. 50 – Rs. 150), sets of teeth, bleeding or toothless gums, witch, vampire, pirate and Dracula face disguises etc (Rs. 550). If you’re throwing a Halloween party, these would be perfect to own; but some of them are too expensive for just a little party.

Sparkle also has other random things like key-chains that look like bleeding body parts, glow-in-the-dark skeletons, lovely kerosene lamps that are shaped like skulls, Jack-O-lanterns (Rs. 950), and creepy gloves and masks (Rs. 650 onwards).

Coming to the complete costumes that are available on rent as well as for sale, there are witch capes complete with the hawk nose, the hat and the broom stick, Dracula capes and loads of other accessories that you can put together to form your own costume.

Our verdict – Go to sparkle if you’re throwing a high-profile Halloween party, and want everything, right down to the slimy worm at the entrance to be picture perfect. Sparkle’s a fascinating store in Mumbai, no doubt about it. But too many of the good things are priced too high. And for something as useless as two pointed canines (which you are unsure would fit you) to pay Rs. 550 does get a little meaningless. Parking space is a problem at this store in Mumbai.

Anytime between – 11 AM – 8 PM

By Divya Nadkarni
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