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Samosa and chole at Guru Kripa | Mumbai

What you see - The spicy-sweet aroma of hot chole (chick peas gravy) pulls you into Guru Kripa restaurant and all good sense of a healthy diet goes for a toss. A favorite food haunt at the bend from SIES college at Sion in Mumbai, GK as it is fondly called, is a busy place. Waiters are hustling around carrying water glasses, cooks can be seen dishing out patties and samosas at the open pantry while the cleaners are constantly mopping the old marble floors. The seating area inside the hotel may be a little claustrophobic but it is convenient nonetheless. And while you can be served by the waiter, you could even opt for self-service where you pay first, go to the assigned counter and get your order. The outside seating area is small but airy and more comfortable.

What you get - Amply crowded at any time of the day, Guru Kripa’s menu reads more or less the same as that of other food joints. The only difference is that the food is really good, rich and yet reasonable. Patrons will swear by the Samosa chole which is quite legendary. In fact, anyone who has traveled Mumbai’s streets would have noticed other eateries offering ‘Gurukripa samosas’ besides the regular samosas. Need we say more? The patties are crunchy on the outside, fresh and made with a hint of butter. GK’s pav bhaji is lip smackingly delicious too. The bhaji is piquant with a hint of sweetness which can be corrected if you mention it to the waiter while placing the order. But it’s available only after 6 PM.

You can also go for the tried and tested South Indian dosas, idlis and vadas, which are much better than at an Udupi joint. The dosas and vadas are served crispy hot but the idlis have sooji in them. There is no experimentation with their ingredients for pizzas and sandwiches, for those who want to play it safe.

Those who are up for adding to their palate there’s a special item on the menu - Sindhi curry and rice. Available between 11 AM and 3 PM, it’s a savory mixture of carrots, tomatoes, aubergine, potatoes, okra, etc. made in a diluted base of gram flour and tomato puree. It is healthy and filling.

The array of mouth watering Bengali sweets which catch your eye right at the entrance, like Indrani, Angoori petha, Rasmalai, barfis and Rasgullas make for a deserving dessert after a full meal.

Our verdict - You’ll become a regular at GK, once you’ve tried their fare. Agreed that it spoils you silly on the calorie count, but it’s definitely something you can indulge in for its taste. Plus, it does not leave a dent in your pocket. Service is very quick and efficient. No catering or home delivery service is provided. Parking space is adequate outside Guru Kripa.

What you pay for a meal for two - Rs. 80-150

Anytime between - 9 AM - 11 PM

By Meera Suri
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