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Popular buffet lunch restaurants in Mumbai | Mumbai

Ah! The pleasures of a buffet lunch!  True, nothing beats a proper sit-down a-la-carte lunch, but when you have a diverse Buffetgroup, with dissimilar tastes, and you are wary of ordering the wrong dishes, then a buffet spread is your best bet for an impressive meal. Whether it is a bunch of corporate clients whom you have to treat to a sumptuous lunch or a group of foreign visitors, you just cannot go wrong with a buffet meal. MetroMela gives you a guide on some of the best buffet lunch restaurants in Mumbai.

Lotus Café, Juhu, Mumbai - The wide curved stairway descending into the phenomenally large sunlit atrium spells sheer opulence as you make your way down to the Lotus Café at The Marriott. The large cane chairs are comfortable and the tables are so well spaced out, that they give you a sense of privacy.

This buffet is worth every penny you pay. The sheer variety of salads with the best exotic greens, the delectable selection of cheeses and cold cuts and little toasted breads that go with it… you might just want to make your meal with just the appetizers. The dessert selection is mind blowing. Chocolate lovers can indulge in the sinfully rich truffles, pastries and tarts. If you’re not so fond of chocolate there are cheesecakes, fresh fruits, and ice cream counter. Lotus Café also has a breakfast buffet too, where you can gorge on fresh breads, juices, fruits, cereals, continental and Indian breakfast dishes and much more. The breakfast buffet is priced around Rs. 890 and the lunch and dinner buffet at Rs. 1,200. Breakfast hours are from 7 AM to 11 AM, lunch from 12 PM to 3 PM and dinner from 7 PM to 12 AM.

Lake-View Café, Powai, Mumbai – The Renaissance is one grand place to be. With all its elaborate glass décor, delicate lighting, and a breathtaking view of Powai Lake, the place can really make you feel like royalty. As for its buffet, the spread is almost as extensive and varied as that in the Lotus Café, but the buffet space is slightly cluttered, so you have to look hard not to let any dish go unseen. But the seating in itself is quite pleasant and comfy.

The Lake-View buffet is loved for its sheer variety of salads, pastas and North Indian dishes. There are also counters for American, Mexican and Italian food. And don’t miss the desserts; those are perhaps the best part of a Lake-View buffet – soufflés, puddings, rich chocolate desserts, tarts and ice creams. Lunch and dinner buffets cost around Rs. 1,100 and breakfast about Rs. 650. Breakfast hours are from 6.30 AM to 11 AM, lunch from 12.30 PM to 3 PM and dinner from 7 PM to 12 AM.

Jewel of India, Worli, Mumbai – With its proximity to the commercial hubs around Worli/ Prabhadevi, its elegant interiors and impeccable service, Jewel of India is a favorite among the corporates for its lunch buffet. The spread may not be as exhaustive or varied as that in Renaissance or The Marriott, but it holds its own with a delicious selection of kebabs, tikkas and salad combos. The restaurant also has a chaat, dosa and a soup counter, all of which are served at your table. The chaat is a great appetizer and a real treat for the frequent foreign visitors.

As for the ambience, you don’t see too many families in here, as the crowd mainly includes corporates and young office goers. The lunch tables almost always see raucous laughter and talking or heated discussions; so the restaurant does tend to get noisy at meal times. Lunch buffets cost about Rs. 551 with its timings being from 12.30 PM to 3.30 PM.

Blue Frog, Lower Parel, Mumbai – Here is one completely relaxed place for a Sunday afternoon buffet; you can go with your family or with your friends, have a reunion of sorts, or whatever. It’ll be casual and fun with lots of drinks and cocktails, and a live band.

As for the food, it’s quite unbelievable. There’s a salad buffet with meat platters, exotic cheeses, pastas and seafood salads; a breakfast selection with an unbelievable variety of fruits, pancakes, waffles, breads and cereals; a grill selection that includes a whole range of delectable lamb, beef, chicken, fish and prawn grills, all perfectly marinated with different flavors that change every week; an open bar with a whole range of cocktails, wines, champagnes and martinis; and a dessert menu that includes soufflés, tiramisu, different mousses and cream desserts to name a few. It costs about Rs. 2,000 per head and the timings are from 11 AM to 4 PM. Reservations required.

Here’s to a hearty meal!

By Divya Nadkarni
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