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Manik Vidya Mandir school in Mumbai | Mumbai

What you see – Located at Bandra Reclamation right opposite Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai, Manik Vidya Mandir’s red and white structure is hard to miss. It is deceptively situated right on the road, concealing a large portico, football court and children’s play area, all of which are on the inner side.

You’ll see the main entrance through which neat rows of girls and boys right from the age of two are being ushered in. A colorful notice stands at the entrance, listing out the school’s major activities. Once inside, it will strike you that every corner of the school building is almost impeccably clean. Nowhere have walls been scribbled on or notices torn. Perhaps it’s a small thing, but it speaks for the discipline that the school inculcates among its students.

What you get – Manik Vidya Mandir in Mumbai is co-educational and offers schooling up to Standard 10 as per the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) curriculum. It is however in the process of phasing its curriculum into ICSC medium, one year at a time.

Admission in Manik Vidya Mandir is never a problem. It is best if your child is part of the school right from nursery, but even getting admission for mid-primary or mid-secondary is simple if your child’s earlier academic records have always been good. There is no written exam, but instead an interview for the student.

At Manik Vidya Mandir education is never just about books and learning for the exams. The school encourages team work among students by organizing group projects. Exhibitions displaying the students’ creations are held regularly through the course of the year. For educational excursions, students are taken to the most unusual locations. They’ve had trips to the High Court, monetary museums, dairy, organic farmhouse, fire station and so on, where they learn through interaction. For the primary school they have days like Community Helper’s day where they get a chance to interact with community helpers like policemen, vegetable vendors and others.

Manik Vidya Mandir offers various activities for its students like dance, Indian and western music, yoga, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, carrom and many more. All these are part of the curriculum and students are always encouraged to participate in inter-school tournaments. The school also has science and computer labs. A canteen is available and transport service is provided. The fees are around Rs. 15,000 for secondary school.  

Our verdict – The concepts that Manik Vidya Mandir has introduced among its students are ingenious and encourage overall development. The curriculum enables the students to go beyond the traditional methods of learning. On the whole it’s a well thought out, interactive approach to schooling and educational development.

Limited parking space is available.

Anytime between - 8 AM - 2.30 PM

By Divya Nadkarni
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