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ColorPlus for new-age apparel | Mumbai

What you see – In the swank interiors of the Phoenix Mills compound, ColorPlus stands amidst a row of equally posh brand-stores. If anything makes you walk right past the other stores and step into ColorPlus, it is the sheer vibrancy, the color and the verve that is funky yet elegant, jazzy, yet chic.

What you get – What ColorPlus offers is a jaunty mix of clothing - sober, conventional, perky and experimental - for both men and women.

The range of shirts for men in cottons, linens and blends is outstanding. The elegant formal trousers and the rugged corduroy selection complete the ensemble. The range is always tuned to the seasons and just as you can get really light summery cottons in cool colors, the winter months sees the store displaying a lovely selection of warm T-shirts and tracks.  The formal cotton shirts in half-sleeves start from Rs. 1,044 onwards, and the full-sleeved shirts from Rs. 1,880. The linen shirts are slightly more expensive priced at Rs. 2,900. For those with more flamboyant tastes, they have a range of shirts with eye-catching patterns and prints, and their ‘Purple Club’ collection of formals is indeed worthy of board-room meetings. Formal Trousers and corduroys start from Rs. 1,900 and Linen trousers from Rs. 3,000. They also have a fine collection of semi formal and casual T-shirts priced upwards of Rs. 999 and Rs. 530 respectively.

For women, ColorPlus has a fine collection of western wear – formal shirts, fancy silk tops and blouses and trousers. For the elegance of their designs and the quality, the clothing is quite reasonable. For instance, a beautiful floral printed silk top could cost you just Rs. 1,200, and an exquisite chiffon blouse could be yours for Rs. 1,500. Formal shirts in all the most wonderful colors start from Rs. 1,400.  Their collection of winter wear is a perfect blend of class and comfort. Thick full-sleeved T-shirts start from Rs. 2,199 onwards and track pants from Rs. 1,800.

They also have an interesting range of accessories including ties, leather wallets, bags, hats and belts. The cowboy hats, ranger straw hats and those fancy, feminine hats fit for an afternoon at the derby are priced Rs. 1,200 onwards; exquisite silk ties for the best occasions, and leather belts cost Rs. 1,278 onwards; and some of the finest leather wallets cost as less as Rs. 820.

Our verdict – The quality of everything at ColorPlus is outstanding, and total comfort is what these clothes spell. It’s the kind of store you’d want to come back to again and again; and the way the store is designed and organized allows for a brisk and satisfying shopping experience. There is a multi-storied parking lot in the mall complex. The service at the store is excellent, the staff very helpful.  Alterations to trouser lengths are also done very efficiently and fast.

Anytime between – 11 AM - 9 PM

By Divya Nadkarni
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