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Ayurvedic treatment and food at Ayushakti Ayurved | Mumbai

What you see – From the looks of it, it seems clear that Ayushakti Ayurved is not just some Ayurvedic clinic in Mumbai. Off one of Malad’s most crowded main-roads (SV Road), Ayushakti seems to have converted its precincts into something out of a fairy tale; like Snow-White’s little haven far from the evil clutches of her stepmother.
What you get – What goes into Ayushakti Ayurveda is not just intense medical research and hard work, but an entire belief system and complete wholehearted faith. It’s true that not too many of us out there believe in Ayurveda. But if seeing is believing, then perhaps a visit to Ayushakti might do you some good.

In a severely urban age like this, ridden with technology, we seem to have forgotten our roots. Every time we get ill, we pump our body with chemicals. What Ayushakti does is get to the root of the problem, and using an ethical and holistic method of treatment rids your body of all its imbalances and toxins. Good health follows automatically.

What is unique about Ayushakti is its pulse diagnostic technique. And it is an art that Ayushakti’s founder Dr. Pankaj Naram inherited after years of patient learning under revered medic and monk Baba Ramdas Swami. Within seconds of feeling your pulse, Dr. Naram can tell you more about our body and mind than you’ve ever known yourself. Once your pulse is known, the doctor recommends few of Ayushakti’s exclusive treatments that may work slowly, but have definite and lasting results.

Treatment at Ayushakti is not just about medication. It involves diet changes, lifestyle changes and some faith. And Ayushakti has seen positive results, especially with disorders like Asthma, infertility, HIV, diabetes, Blood pressure, Arthritis, kidney problems, and other chronic disorders.

One of Ayushkti’s most popular treatments is Panchakarma that detoxifies, cleanses and rejuvenates the body. It is spread over almost five weeks and requires full commitment during its course. For those who come to Ayushakti from outside Mumbai can avail of their staying facility. The booking however has to be done well in advance, and sometimes the rooms are booked for as far ahead as 2 years.

Ayushakti also houses Mumbai’s first Ayurvedic eatery where some of the yummiest dishes like paneer koftas, chaat, thalis and biryanis are prepared in keeping with Ayurvedic principles. If Ayurvedic food makes you imagine bitter, tasteless, herbal stuff, kick that out of your mind and drop in here for a tokri of three types of rotis (corn, nachni/millet and rice) and a generous serving of spicy curry.

Our verdict – Even if you have no disorders that you want treated, drop in at Ayushakti just to relax and tuck in a good meal. Parking space is available

Anytime between - 10 AM - 8.30 PM

By Divya Nadkarni
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