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Antique furniture at Oshiwara, Mumbai | Mumbai

SV Road between Jogeshwari and Goregaon is certainly not the pleasantest place to be in. The road is almost treeless, and Mumbai’s sweltering heat is at its worst here; only worsened by the asbestos and tin roofed shops on either side of the road. No footpath, slow traffic, and lots and lots of rickshaw smoke only make it worse. But if you’re a true furniture lover, you may as well endure the inconveniences, because you’re in for a real find. It's a furniture market that is over 25 years old, and is Mumbai’s first organized furniture flea market. Oshiwara furniture market, Mumbai

You start seeing the first of the furniture stores at the Oshiwara Bridge. And these are not just stores; they are infinite caverns stacked with furniture as high as you can see. There are small pathways to walk in and out with more furniture on either side. The paths are so narrow, you almost feel that your kurta is about to get caught in something, and the whole store will come crashing down on you.

The whole line of stores comprising the market stretches a few hundred meters, and each cavernous store has its own specialty furniture. The first couple of stores have mostly wall units, computer trolleys, writing tables, study desks, wardrobes and drawers. Some of these are second hand and have been renewed at the vast workshops that are right behind the shops (although you can’t see beyond the ceiling high piles of furniture, you can hear people busily scratching away at wood). The prices are always open to bargain (that’s the best thing), and if you’re a good haggler you can get a good something for less than half its quoted price (for example, Rs. 4000, for a desk that was originally quoted at Rs. 11,000). Then you see the sections that sell sofas, seats, diwans, settees and beds. A single bed can cost as less as Rs. 1,500 here.

Antiques at OshiwaraAs you walk further, you spot the antique stores. There are just two of them, but they are the largest and, obviously, the most interesting. Walking into these stores is like walking into a 19th Century garage sale. There are clay figurines, busts, chipped and slightly worn-out boxes, treasure chests, large garden tables, intricately carved four-poster beds, carved desks, writing tables, chairs and three legged stools made from teak, timber or rose wood, and some vague pieces of wood that hardly look like furniture. Of course not all this furniture is actually old; the shop owner candidly admits that a lot of it is just made to look old… but then again, some of it is genuine, but takes a lot of searching. This place is like an open auction, and you need to be an expert haggler to fish a good deal.

This flea market is a tricky place; you never know when you’re being told the truth or when you’re being taken for a ride. But if you’re a sharp seeker, you are likely to find some great furniture and steal a real deal. Limited parking space is available.

MetroMela's Tips

  • Be a shrewd buyer and a cunning bargainer; you don't want to be duped.
  • The market is a 10 minute walk from Jogeshwari Station on the West, and about 10 minutes by rickshaw from Goregaon Station.
  • It's open on all days between 11 AM and 9 PM.
  • We suggest you visit during the day, as the shops are too dimly lit, and might cause you to misjudge things in the dark.

    By Divya Nadkarni
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sayantani's Review on 24-05-2010

thank you so much divya. As I have a fascination for antiques/ traditional furnitures. Could you be a little more vivid about the Oshiwara location for furniture shops? My id is Also which are the well know furniture shops of Mumbai? And which are the affordable furniture shops in mumbai? How are the shops located opposite Inorbit Mall Malad?

Iftekhar's Review on 18-05-2010

We have old antique furniture cupboard + Arm Chair for sale

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